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Top 5 Insta-Worthy Hikes


Some folks say "A picture is worth a thousand words" and some others say "pic or it didn't happen." Either way, everyone is always looking for the perfect picture spot to share with all your friends & family or just to capture a fond memory.

Here are our top favorite Insta-worthy hikes in Russell County, Virginia!

  1. Tank Hollow Falls | Cleveland, VA

Tank Hollow Waterfall in Cleveland, Virginia
Tank Hollow Waterfall in Cleveland, Virginia

Searching for a quiet peaceful & easily accessible picture-perfect spot? You will have to stop by Handy's Market and grab lunch on your way into the Town of Cleveland and picnic at the Tank Hollow Falls, Before hitting the trail onto Cleveland Barrens Which will bring you to the top of The Falls before coming back down the other side.


2. Mendota Fire Tower | Lebanon, Va

A breathtaking view from the Mendota Fir Tower
Mendota Fire Tower

One of the more popular hikes for locals it is a fun hike with miles of views all around. Heading up the mountain to the top you will get a good hike in with a breathtaking reward (the view :) lol).


3. The Channels Natural Area Preserve | Elk Garden, VA

The rock formations at the Channels Nature Preserve
The Great Channels Nature Preserve

One of the world's greatest treasures and wonders is the channels Natural Area Preserve. This is one you are going to want to put on your bucket list. With unique rock formations and perfect views, you will want to be sure to get a picture of this one.


4. Dante Miners Trail | Dante, VA

The non-motorized Spearhead Dante Miner's Trail in the winter
Dante Miners Trail | Dante, Virginia

Travel through the mountains of southwest Virginia back in history and discover some of the once-functioning coal mines (of course you can't enter them).

on this newly developed hiking & biking trail, you can enjoy nature while being transported to what seems like another time. It is the perfect 8-mile loop to share a new experience with everyone.


5. Brumley Mountain Trail | Hansonville, VA

A woman and her dog hiking the Brumley Mountain Trail
Hiking the Brumley Mountain Trail

This trail is the perfect hike for all levels whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker you can explore 13+ miles linking Hidden Valley Lake, Laurel Bed Lake, and The Great Channels.

Take pictures of all your memories while visiting Russell County, Virginia! We would love to see the photos from your trip, share them with us by using our hashtag #ExperienceRussell.


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