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Cyclists along the TransAmerican Bike Route

Spearhead Trails &
TransAmerican Bike Trail 

Looking for a New experience for the whole family? Spearhead Trails and the TransAmerican Bike Trail. 

ATV Trail riding fun in St. Paul, VIFL

Spearhead Trails

Spearhead Trails are spread throughout many of the counties in Southwestern Virginia. Russell County has many opportunities to take advantage of the Appalachian scenery from a different perspective. Spearhead expands beyond ATV Trails to horse riding, bike, and walking trail for more information. 

Mountain Biking, VIFL

TransAmerican Bike Trail 

Biking cross-country? Come and bike through the jaw-dropping backroads and small towns here in Russell County. A portion of the TransAmerican Bike Trail which is a connection of route that goes throughout the entirety of America. One of the routes goes right through the scenic roads of Russell County, VA. 

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